Lesley Sheridan

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Modern And Affordable Guide to Fashion Week

Every Pinterest addict has surely noticed the abundance of pictures cultivated from fashion week shows around the world. Oddly enough, the most interesting and heralded styles of the season haven’t emerged from the runways. Instead, bloggers and magazines everywhere are reveling over the vast and eclectic street styles seen on fashion’s elite attendees and regular city-dwellers. While the clever fashion muses may rock outrageously expensive and luxurious frocks, the rest of us can still mimic th

Generation Lost 'Cause

After reading countless headlines, blog posts, and dissecting analyses on the “lost” generation – the Millennials – and critiques of our blind optimism, shameful laziness, and inability to communicate without the aid of smartphones, I feel I must offer a rebuttal. I can’t argue facts – yes, we are swimming in an ocean of student loans, perhaps better stated as a tidal wave on the horizon with promises of washing away dreams of home ownership, savings accounts, retirement, and financial readiness for procreation. Hell, we can barely afford beans. The cost of higher education – which is now mandatory education if you seek employment – is unbearable in relation to stagnant salaries and an incredulous cost of living. The aforementioned articles now have statistics and line charts included to highlight our financial demise, assuring us that our projected retirement age is now 183. (I may be exaggerating - I don’t hold a STEM degree - but it was certainly over 120, i.e. past death.) Stockpile your 401Ks for your nonexistent children now, Gen. Y.

Dogma and Ambiguity's Fight and Coexistence in Modern Medicine

I tend to get obsessed with certain news stories, and Jahi McMath’s sweet face has begged my devoted attention. Ethically speaking, Jahi’s situation seems terribly gray. As a social worker, I’m faced with gray areas constantly, and one thing that tends to work well in examining a tough matter is the golden rule, an all-too-forgotten echo of common sense in a very lost world. It seems from what I gather on blogs and commentary so grossly easy to assume what you might do in her family’s position, so simple to cut this topic down to taxpayer expense, scientific “facts,” and ultimate assumptions of the worst in human beings. I tend to believe in the best in them.

Roots of Violence: Childhood Animal Maltreatment

Since the 1970s, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has intricately studied the childhood pasts of serial killers, noting the prevalence of animal cruelty roots among society’s most violent. (Johnston, 2011) Today’s news is littered with reports of interpersonal violence, from homicide to mass murder and school shootings. Virtually all violent crime perpetrators have animal cruelty in their pasts, and these deviant acts all too often progress from violence towards animals to violence towards human beings. (Johnston, 2011)