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Parisian Tweak

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As evidenced by the much revered “September issue,” fall is the season of fashion, an endless bounty of oversized sweaters, leggings, and knee high boots. With scarves, tights, outerwear, holiday sequins, button ups, layers, and the occasional toboggan, it’s easy for a girl to get overwhelmed by Pinterest options or end up with “nothing to wear” amidst fifteen sprawled cardigans. Don’t fret, ladies. The women of Paris are known for their simple yet oh-so-classy take on fashion, and at its core lies a few simple formulas that will have you out your door, latte in mitten-covered hand, in no time.


The Chambray Shirt + Pretty Much Anything = Perfection

Combine this little staple with a blazer, under a sweater, over a tee, with skinny jeans, with a vest, with a maxi skirt, with boots, with ballet flats, under a dress, with those crazy print pants we all see and get nervous over, and with any color in your closet. Actually, put it with two pieces that don’t normally go together, and it will magically make them intertwine like a j.crew ad (think black and navy all the way to stripes and polka dots.) It’s work appropriate, weekend essential, and nothing beats it. What other piece looks just as timeless with a mini skirt as it does will a sweatshirt? Invest in one that fits you well, and pair it with anything and everything.


The Tulle Skirt + Sweater + Button Down = Parisian Ballerina

Sigh. The tulle skirt, preferable midi length, is as feminine as it gets. Who doesn’t remember Carrie Bradshaw’s fluffy number parading down the streets of New York City? This piece is Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, and with a soft sweater and a modern work shirt, it crafts an outfit both suited for a ballerina and a Saturday coffee date. Don’t be afraid to go unconventional with this one, as a simple pair of sneakers and a denim jacket can make it perfectly casual, or spikes and studs can morph your ballerina fierce. Either way, it’s a wardrobe addition that flows between seasons easily and serves as an excellent backdrop to update your style as needed.


Flannel + Sequins = Coolest Girl at the Party

Mix these two very distinct styles together, and you have a recipe for looking effortlessly cool, as if you just randomly threw them together, oblivious to their perfect coupling. As with anything Parisian, think of mixing fabrics and styles to generate a little oddity to an ensemble. Doing so always feels fresh, especially when understated. Match a sequin jacket with a plaid button down for a night out, or pair plaid pants with a sequin sweater and a biker jacket. A bun is always a nice addition, too.


Strappy Ballet Flats + Skinny Jeans = Classy Friday

There’s nothing like the comfort of ballet flats, and they go with everything, right? For a little extra pop, add a strappy style to your shoe collection and mix it with skinny jeans, leggings, or dress pants. I prefer the denim to be cuffed for more of a display. There, now you’re comfortable and chic. Oh, and if you add a trench coat… bonus points. Perfection.


Pleather + Cashmere = Modern Muse

First of all, I’m not going to lie and say I’ve never bought leather. I have… and I’ve felt bad about it after the fact. No guilt trips. I just think that faux leather is a perfectly suitable option for when you need that tough-girl look, and if it’s good enough for Stella McCartney, then it’s certainly good enough for me. Try a vegan faux leather midi or knee length skirt and ankle boots with a soft cashmere turtleneck or crew. Add a high ponytail… and you’re just unstoppable. Plus, a friend to cows.


A Cape + Skinny Jeans + Heels = Timelessly Trendy

The cape is this season’s trendy impulse buy, and normally I avoid those, as they look dated quickly. This piece, though, is an exception. In plaid, neutrals, and bright colors, the cape allows you to show your sleeves and gloves with its perfect layering agenda. Pair it with the winning duo of skinny jeans and heels, and you have a guaranteed outfit success story. It’s worth having for the ability to keep you warm and show off your bracelets. Surrender to this trend, for it has staying power.

You may not see the Eiffel Tower anywhere nearby, but you most definitely would look stellar in front of it. Bundle up, and enjoy!